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In honor of the new Smash Bros.

2014-09-27 18:43:50 by tahm10

I may be going to hell.


All time.


Molecule Man

2012-12-03 20:08:48 by tahm10

Why is it that the Marvel comics' character Molecule Man's scars make him perpetually look like some drew on his face while he was sleeping?

Molecule Man

... that's it.... *does a little happy dance*.

If its a penny for my thoughts, why are your thoughts 2 cents?

2012-02-14 12:13:00 by tahm10

Hello again people of Newgrounds, I am here to give news regarding stuff:

Magikarp Pong- well, my computer with the files for the game is working again. so now.... I'm just being lazy(Don't kill me(Oh wait you guys don't care about my crap pong game(...I'm sad now(Parentheses are fun!))))

Games I've played recently- I've been playing a lot of Saints Row: The Third and just started playing Gotham City Impostors(great games, I recommend both) and I've been replaying Earthbound.

TV Shows- Have been watching a lot of Netflix while playing games lately, have watched through Mythbusters(I don't think it's over, but watched all that was on Netflix), Black Books, and have been in the process of Watching through Macgyver and How I Met Your Mother. All great series, I recommend them.

Well I'll stop pretending you guys care about my opinion now, I will try to respond to all comments but for now so long(still fun)

....Oh right, Join the Magikarp Army.

If its a penny for my thoughts, why are your thoughts 2 cents?

Me, now with ten percent more vitamin C.

2012-02-04 17:11:41 by tahm10

Hello Newgroundians, I was bored so I made some stuff in microsoft paint. I thought they made okay wallpapers so I decided to see if anyone liked them(I still can't draw well with a mouse, so I didn't want to post these in the art portal since there not extremely high quality).

Comment if you want to see a nonwarped version of any of these, and if you can, leave some advice as to how I can improve.

Me, now with ten percent more vitamin C.


2011-11-17 23:19:03 by tahm10

I was bored so I made this in ms paint from pictures on the internet.


woo, madness day.

2011-09-23 22:13:48 by tahm10

been watching madness flashes and looking at the fan art and playing the games and realized, "damn, i have no talent"
also, in less relevant to the title news, i just read the new uncanny x men fear itself. and as an x men fan and especially a fan of the gargantuan characters of marvel, I have to say juggernaut colossus is the most bad ass thing ever.
now if it only had a title that was less stupid than "Juggernaut Colosus". guess ill just call him pete.

woo, madness day.

Answer me newgrounds, the school of the undefeated of the east!!

2011-08-24 01:05:11 by tahm10

LOOK, THE EAST IS BURNING RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this example might be even better.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

2011-08-18 00:33:34 by tahm10

'ello people.
I am currently trying to clean up my orgasm from the sight of ultimate marvel vs capcom 3.
Based on the footage looks like its going to be rather solid... okay, I am just going to say it, WHERE IN THE HELL IS GENE FROM GOD HAND!!
i am still trying to cope with the fact that the douche version of Spencer is in it, but how the hell did Amaterasu, A FUCKING DOG, beat out Gene. Okay, yeah, Okami is a popular game and all, but the new bionic commando game sucked balls, why include that games main character.
I also viewed the leaked character list, and I must say, my excitement at phoenix wright, a lawyer, being in the game pretty much nulls my argument that Amaterasu shouldn't be in for being a dog. I like almost the entire marvel list would rather have Sleepwalker then nova, but i doubt 99% of comic fans have ever heard of sleepwalker.
On the Capcom side, i can't wait for firebrand and nemesis, and strider is not bad either. Then, there is Vergil. While I mean no disrespect to Devil May Cry and its fans, i f***ing loathe Dante in Mvc3. To hear that were getting his clone or brother or whatever he is(you can see that I have never played Devil May Cry before), sounds absolutely horrendous to me.
Well, that's just my thoughts on UMvC3. If there is dlc for this game(cause I wont except capcom's attempts to bring back the Super Street Fighter 2 turbo hyper championship edition:HD remix s**t) then they better add megaman and gene. I would also enjoy gambit or juggernaut on the marvel side.